Industrial Clothing Description

Industrial work can be very dangerous and as such appropriate protective clothing is a requirement for all industrial workers. Industrial clothing is made from a specialized type of materials to make sure that it protects you from various forms of hazards such as chemical spillages, burns, dirt e.t.c. 

At Ndulowear we make it our priority to deliver quality products to ensure that you have the peace of mind to function at your best without having to worry about your protection.

Being an industrial giant is your goal and being the giant protector our mandate. At Ndulowear we prioritize your safety because it is of paramount importance to us. Our Industrial clothing wear will protect you and your workers from the harsh environments they work in.

We are a proud and reputable industrial clothing company with full confidence in our products. We offer a wide variety of quality safety apparel to cater to your various as our valued customers. 

We are a trusted industrial clothing company based in Johannesburg with products guaranteed to meet your satisfaction.
Other locations we serve are Pretoria, Cape Town, Durban

Below are some of the products found in our industrial clothing company catalog:

  • Conti suits,
  • Industrial freezer suits,
  • Industrial safety boots,
  • Industrial bunny jackets,
  • Industrial two-tone shirts,